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NY Enrichment Group Welcomes You

We are the perfect solution to improving your Health, Nutritional, Wellness and Educational needs.

NY Enrichment Group a division of FSG, is largest and leading Health, Wellness, Nutritional and Educational Management Group for all Non Profit Social Service Agencies. At NYE, all the work we do is revolved around improving health and quality of life through the integration of all the services and programs we offer. Many of our programs are in undeserved and neglected communities. 


Our Impact and Reach


School Age &

After School Served


Early Childhood & Extended Day Served





Parents, Teachers & all other Adults Served


Total Centers
& Programs Served

Our Services and Programs

Be Active Health and Wellness Programming for all age groups

Our Be Active & Stay Healthy imitative works with children, adults, seniors and all community participants by promoting and providing countless Health and Wellness Programming. 

Arts and Craft Programming for all

Most people believe that Arts and Craft activities are geared more for children we’ll that is not necessarily true. Our Arts and Craft programming are for all ages as we believe that crafting is a hobby and a leisurely activity that all people should enjoy. 


Our STEM programs for Early Childhood and After School provide educational enrichment in that focuses on Technology, Math, Engineering and Science. Our STEM programming are for children between the ages of 3-14 and they are ran with extremely minimal costs because to be creative we don’t really need a lot of money for this. 

Outdoor/Indoor Gardening and Green House Program

Our Garden programming is intended for all ages from children, adults to seniors. This is one of our most popular programs and is ran all year round. 

Food Service and Management Consulting

At FSG, we are committed to helping all of our programs and clients improve their operational efficiency and productivity. Our team are specialists establish policies, procedures and systems by streamlining all daily operations. 

Kitchen Design, Expansion and Renovation

We have a full kitchen design team as well as operations experts that can provide logistical advisement for the kitchen to expand or go through renovations. Every piece of the kitchen design process and build out will be meticulously sought out to meet the needs of the operation. 

Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)

At FSG early childhood nutrition makes up a large part of the work we do as a company. We work with centers to provide support and guidance to ensure that every child receives a quality and nutritious meal for breakfast, lunch, snack and supper. 

Creative Art and Music Therapy Program

Our Creative Art and Music Therapy programming is open to all age groups. Participants include Early Childhood, School Age, Adults, Families, Seniors, LGBT community and others. 

Mind-Body Exercise and Mediation

Our Yoga and Tai Chi classes could be tailored for Children, Adults and Seniors. At FSG we know that being healthy is more than just eating the right foods. Our team is committed to guiding every member of our community to a more holistic and well-balanced path. 

Culinary Workshops and Cooking Classes

for all Ages and Groups

At FSG we believe that cooking your own food enables people the opportunity to learn about nutrition and support them in making smarter food choices. 

English as Second Language (ESL)

At FSG we know that many people and especially the newly emigrated face the harsh realities of culture shock. Our ESL classes are designed around teaching the basic concepts thus giving people the opportunity to seek employment and more importantly to improve their quality of life. 

Computer Science for Seniors

Our Computer Classes for senior citizens is a program that enables them to be comfortable with using technology. These classes are mainly conducted at Senior Centers and other senior community programs.  They are all aimed at improving their quality of life through increased connectivity.

Evidence Based Falls Prevention

Our Matter of Balance program consists of a structured 8-week group sessions led by certified instructors. We apply proven strategies to reduce fear of falling and increase activity levels for all 60 and older seniors.

Spa Castle for Seniors

Our Spa Castle programs for senior centers and other senior programs allows us the opportunity to pamper our seniors both man and women. 

Therapy Service for Children 

FSG is committed to making a difference in the lives of children in all of our programs and communities. These particular specialized professional and technical  services were developed out of necessity. 

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